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Days til 30: 8 months / 274 days

I was doing 6.0 on the treadmill when I suddenly came up with the idea of refocusing my blog to countdown til the end of my twenty-something days. I’ve been on and off the blogsphere since 1997 but it will be the first time I’m doing something like this.

The idea was spurred on by Pastor Avanzini’s teaching at church – the excitement of everything that CAN BE. It isn’t rare that I hear older people say that life is sometimes wasted on the young. I refuse to be one of those who miss out on all the possibilities. We have but one life. We ought to make it count.

So, cheers to a new focus and the celebration of life in the NOW.

because livejournal is lately uncooperative…

..the Siopao Chronicles now continues here on wordpress.

The migration has me, in hindsight, laughing at the panic I suddenly felt when I realized my uploads on LJ had no back up copies. Not that my posts had any semblance of greatness that require saving for posterity’s sake, but still. Isn’t it interesting that that feeling of invisibility can so quickly disappear when something you take for granted to work smoothly, suddenly does not? And how helpless one feels when you realize you have no clue how to make it work again because you never understood what made it work in the first place?