Well, hello again!

I was surprised with myself when I realised I wasn’t very interested to write about the tiniest details of my pregnancy…or anything much about it. I guess it was one of those things that I just wanted to savour and relish and “live”.

But now that my baby is turning two months next week, I guess it’s the best time to write at least something or else I’ll just forget! So here are five things:

1. It was a relatively uneventful pregnancy, praise God. But that first trimester dizziness was crazy. What was crazier though was the moment I hit my second trimester, it disappeared instantly! Was it all mental?
2. BabyCenter app and Mom blogs were suddenly the first websites I checked out in the morning…or early morning.
3. YES! I could park on the disabled parking slot! Just rubbed my belly at the guard and he’d give me priority!!
4. It was the most awkward feeling when my belly would move on its own in public thanks to the baby stretching. I never got used to it. And his hiccups!
5. Sleep was the best gift my baby gave me during the last trimester. That goes to show how easy he was to carry around.

Baby Shower by Family and Friends
It was great to have an excuse for a reunion aside from Christmas parties and dinners!! haha
My awesome Mom and cousin, Jei, who planned everything!
Safari-themed Baby Shower from ICA friends!