Postcard Series #24: Tokyo Tokyo

Last year, I planned a little Tokyo food trip tour for Drew’s birthday in Makati’s Little Tokyo. For his birthday this year, we decided to head off to the real city to do basically the same thing — major food trip!!! I threw out my Cohen meal plan *hayay* and went all the way. In one day, I ate bread, noodles and rice. I felt like I was the baddest girl in the world. The only way I could justify to myself the amount of food I was eating was all the walking we were doing. They were basically 20-30 km walking days!

We stayed at an apartment in Shinjuku so of course we had to head off to Shinjuku Gyoen National Park right after checking in for an afternoon stroll in one of the most beautiful parks I’ve ever been.

Japan FBblog

Since we kinda planned things late and it was the golden week in Japan, we decided to settle in Tokyo and just hunt down the best food places we could find. So the next day, we were up and about early to hit Tsukiji Fish Market at the crack of dawn for the freshest sushi and sashimi and ended the day with the meal at one of the best tempura houses. Whatever happened in between those two meals? Beats me. I’m sure we went to some temples and tourist spots but these two meals in Daiwa and in Tsunahachi — aaah. Forever in my mind.

Japan FBblog1

Japan FBblog2

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Then the next day, Drew found the bestest katsu resto in Tokyo. I felt like I was eating lechon, the pork was so delicious!
Japan FBblog4

Then we walked off all that fat and guilt in Meiji Shrine and Yoyogi Park,


only to hit this hole in the wall resto in Shibuya with the awesomest noodles!

Japan FBblog5

Japan FBblog6

Tokyo – we’ll see your sights next time but our bellies and taste buds come back home renewed with that deep religious experience!!! hahaha

Early the next morning after arriving back in Manila, I did a test (twice) because I’ve been feeling weird and “off” and found this out:

photo (1)

Happy birthday, Drew!!