Postcard Series #22: MamaMiami!

Ooooh, Mamamiamiii!! We hit the jackpot when the studio apartment we booked along downtown Brickell Bay got upgraded to a three bedroom unit! We had an awesome view! Okay, okay so it wasn’t the white sandy beaches of Miami but it’s still an awesome view, right?!


It was suppose to be Spring break when we were in town but thankfully it was moved by one week so the party scene in Miami didn’t get as rowdy as I was thinking it would be. Sadly, we were in town for work so instead of swimsuits, I had to pack business-appropriate clothes! But we couldn’t resist spending a couple of hours hanging around at this beautiful beachfront!


I still dream of Joe’s stone crabs. They’re insane. Perfectly cooked claws that crack soooo easily. I was so happy crabs are allowed in my diet so I was able to eat these, guilt-free! The Lord truly has mercy! hahaha Their store opens only when it’s crab season. The rest of the year– from May til October it’s closed!!


I fell in love with all the art deco-inspired buildings. It felt like a real life Disneyland, I kid you not! Even the bus terminals looked like Disneyland bus terminals! Amazingly beautiful city!


We capped our four-day visit with catching a basketball game — Miami Heat vs Memphis Grizzlies! The game was tight so it was an awesome show! Pero sa totoo lang, I don’t watch basketball so I was the clueless girl asking my husband who the heck Lebron James was in the crowd or Dwayne Wade. I knoooow — sacrilege to many!! I know the names but not the faces!! Hahahaha