Coffee 101

I had to laugh when I came across this line from an article circulating on Facebook about a young married couple: “…many of their recreational decisions are dictated by Groupon.” Ours is dictated by Deal Grocer but same banana! I hoard every time there’s a deal from our favorite massage place and from salons nearby for my manis and pedis. I mean, I’m sure I’m going to spend for these things so might as well get them for a song, right?!

Over the weekend, we got into a Coffee 101 class also thanks to Deal Grocer at a newly opened restaurant, Marmalade Kitchen.


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It was suppose to be a sister-in-law-bonding date since we’re both obsessed with coffee, but last minute Nik had to cancel out so Drew stepped in even though he doesn’t drink coffee! (Isn’t my husband just great?! haha) I was soooo happy geeking out on all things coffee. I really had to resist the urge to bring out my pen and jot down notes! (As if there’ll be a test! hahaha) We came away learning how to prepare both hot and cold coffee, making coffee art and the essentials of good coffee making.

Marmalade Kitchen located at The Forum BGC holds various cooking classes and after my Cohen program, I’m sure I’ll find myself attending one again and of course, in their resto to try their food!