The Cohen Lifestyle


The Cohen’s Lifestyle Program is a rapid weight loss and wellness program through nutrition. It is individually prescribed based on your unique blood profile. It uses food to correct the imbalance of hormones that cause weight gain triggering the body’s natural ability to burn fat rapidly and safely.

I’m actually on my second month on this lifestyle!! Somersaults! Now, four more to go! hahaha They insist on saying the Cohen Lifestyle, not Diet, and I think they’re right since it takes huge commitment to do it. It’s no wonder Cohen is thought of more as a “last straw, final chance” alternative to losing weight. Ever since I got on it, I can’t afford to do spur of the moment lunch or dinner outs with Drew or my friends. Uhm, correction, I can’t do restaurant food at all!! I have to cook everything myself so I constantly find myself in the supermarket to buy my vegetables and proteins. And then, throughout each and every single day, I always have to be mindful of every single rule they ask us to follow. Not to mention the huge financial investment required to get into the program! To be honest, the thought of how much money we had to spend on this is what keeps me from resisting any temptation to be disobedient to the rules! hahaha Well, fine, seeing the results in my body helps keep me motivated, too!

I’ve been reading a lot about other people’s journey on this program and I’ve realized the truth of them insisting that it should be a lifestyle change and not just a diet change. The goal is to lose the weight but the real achievement is in mastering the Cohen principle to really transform my food life. I saw this awesome video of Erwan Heussaff’s (I’m such a fan of his) and actually, the principles aren’t too different from Cohen’s.

Definitely the fact that Cohen makes me lose weight so fast is a real come-on. But beyond that, I really loved the idea of making food your medicine. I like how Jamie Oliver (another one I’m such a huge fan of) puts it. He says food is what makes up your cells and muscles, is what gives you strength for any human activity. It’s so elementary but there seemed to be such a disconnect between what I put into my mouth and where I think my body is getting its strength. It’s definitely time for a Food Revolution!!