2013 in Review

It’s the perfect time to recap my 2013 highlights before welcoming 2014 since most of this year, I wasn’t able to write anything here! “Updating blog” is definitely making it on the 2014 resolutions list!

Ultimate Triple Date with the Filart’s and Palanca’s in Siem Reap!

Andrew’s Gift to Our Family: My surprise trip to Dallas for my sister’s Birthing Weekend!

Weekend Getaway to Baguio for Couples Retreat!
My Photo Stream

SCPA’s 17th Anniversary, 10 Months After the Fire

Back in Sonya’s for my Birthday Weekend

Beginning my Cohen Journey
Sample Pictures

Without a doubt, 2013 was a roller coaster ride of emotions. It took its toll on me physically and emotionally. But, in my spirit, I knew I would find my way and everything was going to be all right because God is in control. It was a stellar year.