Drew’s Little Tokyo Birthday Tour!

Drew with the map I made for his birthday foodie tour in Little Tokyo
Drew with the map I made for his birthday foodie tour in Little Tokyo

Drew and I have both been curious about Little Tokyo but never had the chance to explore the spot in Makati so to celebrate Drew’s birthday early this May, I crafted a foodie tour of the restaurants inside the little complex.

We bookended our trip with Ha Na, known for their takoyaki and their snow cones which fit perfectly as appetizers and desserts respectively.

2013 Drew's Bday1

Next stop was at Seryna. What’s a Japanese food trip without sushi and sashimi, right? We picked our spot at the sushi bar to watch the Japanese chef prepare our dishes. They had the freshest (and biggest cuts) of sashimi I’ve ever seen! Sooo yummy!

2013 Drew's Bday2

Then we were off to Kagura. This restaurant owner has a funny thing for baseball. Apparently, the tv shows nothing but baseball games. Look at all the baseball items on display. Aside from this fetish, the store is known for their okonomiyaki, a dish made famous by Ranma 1/2. It’s like soft pizza with squid omelette and noodles. It seems weird but it actually wasn’t that bad! But the serving was so big, we just took half of it home.

2013 Drew's Bday3

Then, the highlight of the foodie trip: yakiniku at Urameshiya. It was so good, we weren’t able to take photos of the yakiniku! This was definitely our favorite stop — as long as you don’t mind all the smoke from the griller.

2013 Drew's Bday4

We were crisscrossing the complex again and again, the waiters were giving us funny looks already, like, di pa ba busog ang mga ito?! hahaha There’s definitely a few more restaurants worth visiting like Izakaya Kikufuji which is known for their sukiyaki but was too heavy to include in our food tour.

Happy birthday, Drew! Let’s plan a proper food trip when we go to Tokyo for real!!