Postcard Series #20: Hanoi

I didn’t expect Hanoi to be such an Asian version of Amsterdam with their narrow and tall buildings, beautiful balconies and greeneries. That’s the great thing about coming to visit a country with no preconceived ideas about it. A series of events led to me suddenly joining Patty to her trip to Vietnam. I didn’t really have time to research and plan anything but I knew Patty and I have the same perspective in traveling. She sent me an email of our itinerary and I couldn’t have done it any better! It’s not easy to find a good travel buddy so when you do, it’s a great blessing. We’re both pretty chill and just like to emerse ourselves in the culture of a place. Our pace was unhurried with frequent stops for tea in quaint cafes we find along our way. We also like to splurge on atleast one good restaurant in cities we visit but food in Hanoi is so reasonable that we managed to find two restaurants: Bobby Chinn and the Green Tangerine!

The only hiccup we encountered was that Patty and I took the weather in Vietnam for granted to be tropical since in the rest of the Asean world, the sun is out in its full glory. We were dismayed to step out of the airplane and be met with a cool breeze. We packed for the sun and a cruise along Halong Bay when it was more like early spring than summer!





I’m so thankful my husband was a great sport about letting the misis go off alone and thankful to Patty for inviting me to her adventure, too!