Look What We Can Do, Ma!

I’m sent to a lot lot lot of seminars. So much, I might develop a complex as to why my boss seems to nominate me all the time as attendee #1. Am I not doing something right? Is he not happy with me? What is he trying to tell me thru all these expensive seminars?! hahaha I joke, of course. Most of the time, I complain and say it’s better to read a book than attend a seminar since book learnings are much more in-depth. I especially dislike speakers who use videos that are already going around Facebook. What a ripoff! Once in a while in these conferences though, I stumble on a few interesting things and actually learn something new.

Like crowdsourcing. Yes, I know Senator Guingona is trying to crowdsource a senate bill but it didn’t really hit me that I could be part of so many other really interesting things until I found out that one of my favorite websites, Letters of Note, crowdsourced their book. My sister in law and I immediately got on it and pledged our support in exchange for a beautifully bound copy of it. I mean, everyone knows my thing for letters and that website is one of my happy reading stops everyday. But there’s so many other books out there trying to get published and Unbound is trying to help them.


Then there’s Kickstarter.


And 99 Designs. I have to explore this site! We need designs all the time and it would be awesome to be able to collaborate with designers from around the world!! So exciting!


And finally, there’s Amazon’s Mechanical Turk


Of course it goes both ways. You can support but you can get funding also! You can hire designers but you can get hired too! There’s even a super easy money site called, MinuteWorkers, where you can do something really easy and menial but get paid fairly for it! Well, okay, I can’t seem to access their site but here’s their facebook page.