Our Uber Simple Wedding

Our official wedding photos have come out! It’s so nice seeing the wonderful photos and reminiscing. I’ve written a post already about our wedding but with these photos, get ready, this is one long big chikka about the details of our wedding planning!


At the time that I got engaged last year, my classmate from college, Kai, had already started their now-famous Rebellious Bride blog and it was getting a huge following for all the right reasons. I do feel that a shift is happening where a wedding is no longer about the family (or the parents, specifically) but really and truly about the couple. Some of my friends asked me if I was going to be a rebellious bride as well and I guess in the sense that our wedding isn’t traditional, it would have some elements of rebellion. Except that I didn’t have anyone to rebel against. Our parents, both mine and Drew, are just the most supportive parents ever. They gave us no headaches with the guest list (a HUGE deal that all married couples know only too well) and allowed us do our own thing. They just basically showed up and happily gave us away to each other!!

Our planning was guided by our belief that the most important thing about that day was to simply get married to each other. Having that mindset helped us simplify a lot of decisions, especially when suppliers were pitching the upgrades to their packages. (We didn’t hire any of those who tried to do that, by the way). It’s crazy how easily manipulated you can be when you’re all emotional about your day. With all the gorgeous wedding websites and magazines available to couples, it’s easy to get carried away with the supposed “must-haves”. It’s true that there’s definitely no excuse for poorly designed weddings anymore but it’s vital to know when to stop and say, that’s just not us. In other words, edit! It definitely helped us save money! We kept talking about eloping, usually right after we had to do some budget adjustments and readjustments hahaha But we found our way by choosing which items really mattered to us (photography, flowers, gowns) and which ones we could completely do away with (same day edits, AVPs, band/quartet).

Choosing our venue was the easiest thing in the world. Sonya’s Garden was where we had our first date — with a group of friends. It’s so easy to imagine a wedding there, too. To put our own spin on the popular venue, we decided to rework some of the layout and décor that was typically done at Sonyas. I had my heart set on hanging flowers, a circular ceremony area and for our reception table to be shared with our siblings, right smack in the middle of everyone. We wanted to be surrounded by the love of family and friends on that big day – literally!



Any budget-conscious couple will resort to a DIY project. For Drew and I, our wedding invitations was our major DIY. I took home our office printer and printed them all myself while poor Drew had the hard job of cutting each and everyone one! I also hosted a crafternoon at my parents’ home with my talented bridesmaids and friends who enthusiastically helped us do a couple more DIY projects.



As we planned, we hoped that our wedding celebration would be more than just a celebration of us as a couple. We wanted to celebrate families, friendships, marriages. We prayed it would be a night full of laughter, love and dancing! Seeing these photos made us think that we managed to do, if nothing else, just that.






{Our Suppliers}
Photographer: Catilo Photography // Videography: Wang // Bride and Entourage Dresses: Joel Escober // Makeup Artist: Rae Venturanza // Flowers: Ridgeblooms // On-the-Day Coordination: Love Orchestrated // Venue: Sonya’s Garden