Closing 2012 with fire works

I was going to post something a bit more personal as my last entry for 2012 before the fire at our warehouse happened last December 30. I reread it today and realized that despite the rather sad incident, my sentiments in my original post remain the same.

I posted on my Facebook that God is faithful despite what circumstances look like. I believe that with all of my heart. Even during that first hour, while our office was engulfed in huge red angry flames, we had more laughs than tears. And it wasn’t bravado. My family truly knew in the core of our beings that even while the fire was raging, God was/is in control and we really didn’t have to worry about anything. It was going to be all right. We have simply seen too much good that God has done for our family and our company — too many miracles, too many blessings to doubt His faithfulness and kindness.

Just as predicted, 2012 went by in a blur. It was a big big year – huge changes celebrated with a mix of peaks of happiness and deep sadness for the same reason that life will never be the same again. But as cliche as it is, nothing is constant and change is always good with the right frame of mind. The fire doesn’t negate all the good that happened. I praise God for the bright bright future that He has laid up for us. So, thank you, 2012, for being very good to us; and hello 2013, we’re so very excited for what you’ll be adding to our lives.