Company Party 2012

Each year, since I started working for our family, I come up with the office’s Christmas party theme. We’ve partied like it was the 80’s, Got Talent, Famous Stars, and Filipiana. This year, with it being the year of the Dragon, I made it Christmas Chinese-style. Planning a party for 300 people is not a joke but every single time, our people blows us away with their enthusiasm to work the theme and gamely comes in costumes and prepares amazing special production numbers. But this year, I was specially amazed. Every single one came in a red Chinese costume and all the presentations were just at a completely different level of WOWness.

They literally scoured Divisoria and Quiapo for costumes and those who didn’t find anything special enough, actually had costumes made. It sobered me when I learned that the cost of these costumes were at least four days work. My dad consoled me by saying that the people really enjoy all the preparation and spending for the party. For most, I guess, this is their one and only Christmas party since their families are in the provinces. We have become their family and this is our family’s Christmas party. We are so blessed to have awesome people working for us and our family can only pray and work harder to become even more of a blessing to them. And yes, that’s a photo of my Dad as Mao Zedong on the backdrop.

chinese party

chinese party1

chinese party2

chinese party3

Drew and I with the Emperor and Empress of the Night
Drew and I with the Emperor and Empress of the Night