Manila Art 2012

I finally managed to catch ManilaArt this year. These three below tugged at my heart and made me wish I could drop money just like that so I could bring them home to my little condo.

Robert Deniega
“Birth of the Stars”
Roel Obemio
Dominic Rubio (didn’t get the title of this one.)

Happy art is my kind of art so it’s quite ironic that Reuters interviewed me for an artwork that is rather terrifying, although brilliant and unique. This below was made with hand compressed feathers on canvas. Imagine how many chickens were killed for this art.

Augusto E. Elopre
“The End of the Black In-Hear-Itance”

I think I was just babbling nonsense. I was too scared I’d say something bad or impolite about the artwork. All I really wanted to say was even though it was brilliantly made, I really wouldn’t want it hanging in any of my walls. It’s scaaaary.

(Clockwise starting from Top Left): Joined the walking tour around Manila Art by Robbie Santos; I was internally jumping up and down when I saw Dominic Rubio’s work again; Breathe again; More happy art by Roel Obemio
Happy to see a little bit of the Jeepney Art
Glass sculptures by Ramon Orlina and Piyukherts by Secret Fresh

Manila Art is at SMX Convention Center and tomorrow is already the last day! All photos were taken with my blackberry.