The BGC Bus

If there is one agenda that always always gets my attention, TRANSPORTATION would be it. Not the bit about oil prices and color coding schemes, but about INFRASTRUCTURE for mass transport. The positive multiplier effect that a newly-made road creates in a village is simply amazing. There’s even a book called The Roads that Built America that tackles how a well-thought out road system can bring so much progress to a society.

The next time you are airborne over the city of Manila, look at where the houses are all clumped together. The buildings and houses are all squeezed around where a road is while there is so much open space around them. Suffice it to say, I get so frustrated that a SIM CITY gamer can probably zone our city more logically than how it’s being done. So whenever I see a positive step towards progress in this issue, I celebrate it.

BGC launched their busing system that costs P12 regardless of where you get on and get off. On our first week of living in the area, I tried out the bus and was so happy, I even liked their Fan Page and posted a comment to cheer them on!

hahahaha I’m such a geek!

There are three routes: Central, East and West. You can find the maps on their website, I chatted with my bus driver and found out from him while they run 24/7, the buses that run from 10pm until 6am merges these three routes into one so the ride takes longer. But to me, that sounds like good business sense.

They also recently launched the HOP ON, HOP OFF Weekend route that costs P25. Watch Carlos Celdran talk about it some more. I’m so happy we can ditch the car and just take the bus on weekends!

Philstar coverage of Carlos Celdran giving the press tour around the sights at BGC that’s covered by the weekend Hop On/Hop Off bus.