Postcard Series #18: Hey from Taipei!

So here’s a not so little secret thing about our wedding. Drew and I insisted on leaving our Tagaytay reception dinner early because we had to catch an early morning flight the next day to go to Taipei for our honeymoon.

Drew and I decided on Taipei since it’s a country we both hadn’t been to and a place I felt was largely ignored as a tourist destination. It’s more like Taipei equals business trip, but the city didn’t disappoint us. The people were lovely and the city offered so many accessible adventures! Can you believe that going for a dip at their famous hot springs is just 30 minutes away from the city?!

We made the early flight out and was blessed with sunny weather in Taipei the whole time we were there!
Taipei felt like it’s as small and modern as Hong Kong but much much more green and peaceful.
Highlights of Taipei: a visit north to their famous hot springs, at the National Palace Museum, the night markets and the Taipei Story House.
A happy surprise treat: Catching the Dali exhibition!!