Officially a Mrs.

Phew. And just like that, I’m a married woman. After months and months of preparing for the wedding day and keeping our finances focused on that singular day and the more important business of moving into our new home, I have this distinct feeling of finally resurfacing back into the real world.

The best advise I got about the wedding day was to just be in the moment — to step back from all the planning and savor everything that is going on . Look at your guests, talk and laugh with them and most of all, flirt with your groom throughout the ceremony and reception. That’s exactly what we did. We prepared as much as we could, got an excellent on-the-day coordinator and then on the morning of the day, just let go and enjoyed ourselves. I even had enough time to go to the spa that morning.

One of my top favorite things about what we planned with our wedding was to have the ladies of my family stay with me the night before at Sonyas. It was so lovely to be surrounded with so much love and support. I had imagined being all alone the night before, beset with jitters and nervousness. I thought that would just be awful and so I insisted to be with them in one big room. My dad thought it was Bridal Shower Round 2. He was so puzzled why I wanted to kidnap his wife away from him hahaha But they just shared their love stories and I fell asleep listening to that.

I think the best advise I can give to whoever will ask me, is to keep the program simple. The photo taking with the guests will take enough of your time. Make a little room for yourselves to actually eat and talk to your guests DURING the reception, not when everyone is saying their goodbyes. But to each his own.

Today is exactly one week since W Day. Absolutely loving the married life so far.

Hanging flowers. I was surprised to find out we were the first ones to do this at Sonyas. The place just begged for this to be done. Photo by James Sapnu.
Simple but delicious fare. Photo by James Sapnu.
Our sparklers send off for a little drama to end the simple celebration.