Holiday Weekend Warriors

Drew and I are having a great time slowly looking for the pieces of furniture that will find a place in our home. We’ve been window-shopping and reading about furniture stores and upcyclers. Then randomly, we saw a surplus shop near where I live and there we found our dining set. He fell in love with how the low height is conducive for conversations and I fell in love with its wide seat that happily accommodates big bums. We had it delivered right that same day. We decided to paint it all white to the horror of my mom who hates wasting a perfectly good wood grain. So the past three days over the holidays, we’ve been working on this happy little project for our condo. We’re both so tired but happy with the results! I’m quite proud of myself, too. I was in charge of priming and putting the final paint coat and for someone who has never painted her whole life — I think the paint finish is quite nice! hahaha

Sanding, priming and final finish!