Tea Party Book

Those closest to me know how much of a sucker I am for letters. My love for it probably started with the little surprise notes mom would leave inside my school bag that would be brilliant spots of sunshine on an ordinary school day. I always felt like I won the jackpot when someone makes a letter for me. If there was a fire in our house, the first thing I would grab would be my three boxes crammed full of letters and little notes of silliness. Oh the days before emails and facebook when you actually knew what your friends’ penmanship looked like.

So to receive this Book of Letters from close friends, sharing reminders on how to make my marriage happy is so incredibly precious to me. It’s really like my very own Griffin and Sabine book, but lovelier since I’m pretty sure who the letters are from!

ala Griffin & Sabine!

So amazed at how beautiful each page is!

This is absolutely going to be one of my most treasured things!