The Bo

I’m a dog person. My cousin and I would drive down the road and we both exclaim, “oh how cute” and she would be referring to the baby in a stroller and I would be referring to the dog beside the baby. I’m that kind of a dog person. I’ve always lived in homes with dogs slobbering welcome home greetings. I’ve had Japanese Spitzs, Dobermans, and askals who prove much smarter than pure breeds. As the years went by, I’ve learned to handle them to be more disciplined and less like my babies to be cuddled.

These days, I have a beautiful Rottweiler who was given as a gift several years ago — a real godsend at a time when I was usually left alone in the house while my family constantly traveled. When it would just be the two of us home alone, I would whisper a little prayer to God to make my dog courageous and fearsome as he roved around the house, guarding me. It’s not such a difficult prayer to answer since he is a frightful sight to behold with a strong proud chest and massive paws. Just the sound of him breathing can be a little frightening actually hahaha I drew great comfort from hearing him walking around under my window.

He grew up so fast. I remember the first time I took him home – he could fit, the entirety of him, in the palm of my hand. The week after, his body would lay up to my elbow.

Bo with his lady bug pool and his first week home, sniffing the ref.

I remember buying him a lady bug inflatable pool. I didn’t even need to coax him inside. He jumped in while I was still filling up the pool with water. A few weeks later though, the pool wouldn’t inflate anymore. He had bitten a part of the lady bug’s head off. He was teething.

Early this year, I went home late at night and I found myself looking at a shadow of what appeared like a tiny horse. I thought to myself, what the heck is a tiny horse doing in our streets? Only to realize it was my dog. He managed to open our gate and was casually paying our neighbors a visit. We fixed our gate after that. Sooo many wonderful memories.

Soon, *insert a huge sigh and a tear here* I would have to leave him. Our condo doesn’t allow pets (even fish!). Just the thought tears me up. I would get nightmares where he passes away after I’ve moved out of the house. I would wake up in fear and fly downstairs to make sure it wasn’t so. He would raise his head to look up at me quizzically in that funny way of his with his head tilted to the side, close his mouth to smell the craziness that was me. After a minute or so, he would relax and stick his tongue out at me as if to laugh at my silliness. If only it would remain just that for a long long time.

Ang poggiii!