I didn’t mean to —

Buying presents for my parents, especially my Dad, is incredibly hard! Christmas always finds me in despair and clueless what they can possibly like (and I can afford). They keep telling us, “there’s no need to buy gifts for us, you are our greatest gifts! Besides, Christmas is for children.” Incredibly cheesy and sweet but I feel like an ungrateful child if I have absolutely nothing to present to them.

Finally, though, one Christmas a few years back, I felt really happy and brilliant when I gave my Dad this book:


HAHAHAHAHA That’s just what I have left on my mailbox! I’m a delete-unnecessary emails girl so I think there must’ve been more. Plus! all the travels they make on a weekly basis around the country! Ayayayay! Thank you Lord for giving my parents all these adventures together. I think you let Dad get bit by a really really big travel bug. I’m didn’t mean to inspire him this much!