Happy happy birthday, Drew!

Cake on delivery! Red Ribbon online ordering for delivery actually worked! I requested for lunch delivery and it came a little after lunch at Drew’s office!
Birthday buffet dinner at New World Hotel. The drinks came with free bunnies. Weird, but fun!

I was most excited about my huling-hirit birthday surprise for Drew last Sunday, though. I had him driving north bound, but didn’t tell him where exactly. As we pulled up, he turned to me with a big grin on his face when he saw the signage.

I have the poor guy going with me to museums, ballet and theater performances. I’ve been amazed that he’s willing to go to those things with me so I wanted to give him a break and do something a bit more manly. I was secretly worried that the shooting range was going to look like some dingy police station turned shooting range with rusty guns and rustier teachers. I was so happy to find that Stronghand Shooting Range is an excellent facility — apparently the only toxic free range in the country so far. That basically means that the shooting range doesn’t look like a war zone after a couple of rounds.

We had the entire place to ourselves and the class I booked for Drew turned into a one-on-one training session with Range Officer Peachy!

20 of 20! And all within the inner circle!!! A champion in the making!!