Health Matters

While I’m still in the middle of packing my things into boxes for the Big Move, I’ve been working on another aspect of my Project Third Decade: getting physically healthy again. I’ve been busy —

Moving — apart from getting up to get water from the dispenser across my office desk

I had to dig down deep inside of me to find the discipline again to get exercise back into my life. I had so many excuses why I fell off from the habit, but the only thing that was really truly keeping me from working out again was that I hadn’t decided to prioritize it. Some people like to move by running, swimming or finding a sport. Personally, I like the controlled and disciplined environment that a good gym affords me (as long as I don’t start chatting people up and wasting my time mingling). I’m playing a game with myself now. It’s the lets-see-how-long-I-go-without-skipping-a-training-day-game. Sounds lame? hahaha But it’s effective on me. The last time I played it, I lasted two years and it took a doctor’s order to make me skip out. It really raises the barrier for me to what is an acceptable excuse to miss a scheduled day at the gym. I recently enlisted the help of a trainer, too, to make my work outs more interesting and challenging. Eventually when I’m stronger and in better shape, I’m hoping he can teach me boxing since that’s one of my to-dos for this year, too.

Drinking Lemon/Calamansi water

Drinking lemon water does a lot of good for your body. Read more here about the benefits of making them part of your habit. But I had to laugh when I read somewhere that lemons aren’t suppose to just prettify your water tumbler with cute yellow slices. I was guilty of that for a time! hahaha But you really need to squeeze the lemon juice out to maximize the benefits. So I’ve been juicing a whole lemon into my water tumbler everyday and diluting it with water until I started considering our humble calamansi. The properties of lemons and calamansi shouldn’t vary much since they both come from the same family of citrus fruits, but the cost difference between the two is significant. We have our own calamansi tree in our garden so using those come absolutely free for me.

I’ve also noticed that ever since I picked up one of the Starbucks plastic tumblers, I’ve taken to drinking water more. Sipping from a straw makes it so much more convenient (and elegant). And drinking acidic water using a straw is better for your teeth, too!

Wearing reflexology sandals as my post workout slippers

This is the chinese in me kicking in. I picked up these natural stone reflexology sandals in Malaysia, but these abound in local stores, too. It’s made with a combination of stones and wooden knobs at varying heights to stimulate acupuncture points more effectively. When I first slipped on these slippers, I could barely walk. It takes time getting used to them but I only wear them 15 minutes max since it’s not good to overstimulate the glands either. I find that my muscles relax faster from a workout after having worn these. It’s a massage in a slipper!

Dry brushing

Yes, I’ve jumped on the bandwagon of dry brushing. I hunted down the natural-bristled body brush from Earth Therapeutics at Beauty Bar and joined the millions of people dry brushing their bodies before hitting the shower. I felt like a horse when I started brushing myself and I’ve noticed that I sweat faster which can be a hassle in this tropical weather of ours but overall, I’m liking the effects. I’m following this lady’s advise on how to do it properly. The video starts off rather slowly but bear with it a little bit.

Juice cleansing

I started on these when I was desperate to jumpstart my go-healthy mission. I save up and get a 3-day juju cleanse kit every quarter — that reminds me that I have to get my kit before this month ends! Above all the other benefits juice cleansing give to your body, what I like the most is how it cleanses your palate so you can actually taste food again. You realize how salty those chips really are and how sweet those desserts really are and then hopefully you get a realization how yucky are some of the things we feed our bodies — like those canned goods and instant noodles. Ouch.

Getting massages

This is really my indulgence and I’m so thankful inexpensive home service massages abound in our country. So much of the sicknesses modern world deal with is attributed to stress so it kinda makes sense to spend regular down time to just relax. It’s good for the body and the soul. I bought my own bottle of virgin coconut oil and ask the masseuse to use that instead of their usual oil.

Learning healthier recipes
I’m definitely still struggling learning how to cook, but I realized that while I’m at it, I might as well be selective in the recipes I should master. I’ve been joking with Drew that all he’ll get from my kitchen is vegetables and steamed fish or chicken. But mixed in with the Filipino food must-learns (pork/chicken adobo, sinigang, nilagang baka), I’m inspired by several food/cooking blogs that aspire to teach us healthy home cooked meals that will actually make us lose or maintain weight. The health of my future family will practically reside in my hands and our kitchen so I better get my act together!! Feeling the pressure here!

Daily Bible reading
I’m so happy I will officially finish reading the entire Bible in two days. I’ve been using youversion Bible on my Blackberry and it’s been an awesome tool to help me keep track of my reading. What does this have to do with health? Well, the Bible is so practical, it gives its own health advises:

Do not be wise in your own eyes; fear the LORD and shun evil. This will bring health to your body and nourishment to your bones. Proverbs 3:7-8

I’m still a long way from where I want to be in this get-healthier goal, but I’m not in a rush for immediate results. I’m keeping my head down and just work at all these faithfully. I’ll get to where I need to be soon enough.

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