I hereby now formally launch,

Tada! When the year started, our church campaigned for us to write down 7 Solid Achievements for 2012. I racked my brains really hard and prayerfully only came up with five goals, one of which I wrote down as Project Third Decade without really knowing how that should look like or what it would entail. All I knew was that I’m holding onto God’s promises that the best is yet to come.

So many things will be changing in how I live my life this year: becoming a wife, not too long after becoming a mother. I’ll be forsaking my Peter Pan lifestyle and really truly doing a lot of growing up to do.

Project Third Decade is slowly shaping up as my goal to prepare myself for all these changes. Preparing physically, emotionally, practically and spiritually. My recent book purchases are real evidences of these attempt to get ready. Check out what’s new on my bookshelf:

I’m looking forward to the adventures that this new project will take me!