Postcard Series #16: Kong Kaen

This is really just a cooler of way of saying "in the middle of nowhere"

Where the heck is Kong Kaen, you say? Well, it’s a five hour drive up northeast of Bangkok. Super major road trip! My bum felt every bit of those five hours and the other five hours driving back to Bangkok even more so. There was a point during the trip when I just wanted to ask the driver to move over and lend me the wheels so that I could do something other than stare outside the windows. This was definitely an “enjoy the journey” kind of trip since the destinations were all for work.

But I must say, the things we found for meals along the road were awesome. I can really eat thai food all day, everyday. It’s like little bursts of sunshine explode in my mouth. There’s always something fresh and unexpected going on. It’s inspiring me to not only learn how to cook, but to plant my own little herb garden.

Green papaya salad

This super yummy dish is one that I want to try and make again. It’s green papaya salad cooked in dalandan juice (and I think a little bit of honey too) with tomato, basil, beansprouts, dried shrimp and peanuts. If only I could take a photo of the taste since this shot does nothing to explain why it is sooo awesome. I had to force myself to put down my fork and take a photo before I snuffed this gone. IT.IS.THE.BEST.THING.FOR.A.HOT.SUMMER.DAY. This was the roughest trip I’ve made to Thailand, schedule and travel itinerary-wise. But I think, aside from getting our work done, tasting the traditional Thai food as the locals eat it made the adventure really worth it.