Traditional Valentines

Because this year will be our one and only Valentine celebration as an engaged couple, Drew and I decided to cheese it out and do the traditional arte dinner with roses and chocolates. You must understand what real progress this is for me. Last year, when Drew and I were just five months into the relationship, we spent VDay watching hot air balloons getting launched into the air. While still romantic in a way, it was also more chill and low-key. I also specifically told him then that I do not like roses. But in the spirit of what we were trying to do this year, he was finally able to give me a rose. But he knew me well enough to just give me one single simple stem of rose. But you see that photo below? That is really the natural me when it comes to cheesiness and romance. It’s not a rose, it’s a weapon. Forget a lovey dovey expression, I make a grimace. Zero romance talaga, zero. So completely zero that I spastic-ly scheduled my Juju Cleanse on Valentines Day. So poor Drew had to wait two days later for our special little dinner at Ilustrado. I’m not sure if it was the greatest way to break my juice fast, but I think I’ll live.

But now though, I must say, I can get used to being romanced with flowers, chocolates and dined at fancy restaurants. hahahaha

A rose, chocolates and typical me
Our menu for the night
Trying out the typical couple traditions
Yummy dinner, happy tummies!