Birds to wake me up

If you had only two hours of sleep before driving at least 80 kilometers out of the city, hold a three-hour sales meeting, drive back 80 kilometers to home and flop into your bed to snooze – what are the chances you can easily wake up in two hours from that siesta after forgetting to set any alarm?

Very slim. You’d wake up in a panic. You’d wake up after at least four hours.

That’s exactly what would’ve happened to me last Saturday, except that, I woke up to the sound of birds insanely pecking my window exactly at the time I needed to wake up. How cute is that? I truly believe God sent those birds for me. I always hear birds outside my window but I’ve never heard them peck, much less peck that violently on my window. And then when I stood up from the bed, the pecking immediately stopped. What are the chances??

Thank you, Lord.

Thanks, lil one

Adding an addendum photo. Thanks Claud for this!! – February 24, 2012.

Photo from Pinterest.