Top 5 Happy BDates

I got a little bit sentimental when I suddenly realized that I won’t have my parents’ home to host my little parties anymore. All throughout grade school until high school, I’d have friends over to celebrate my birthday. On my next birthday – I’ll be married and living in a new zip code! So here’s a little happy trip down memory lane today on my top 5 birthday celebrations in the last 30 years.

1. 3rd grade recess: The ginger bread man cookie and orange Zesto tetra pak.

I was absolutely clueless Mom planned anything but come recess, she showed up at school with a ginger bread man cookie and one orange Zesto pack for each of my classmates and me! Love. Love. Love. I was a cool kid that day for giving free food. hahaha But my favorite part was the little letter Mom slipped in my bag earlier that morning to wish me a happy birthday! I think that was my very first letter from Mom. SO precious!

2. 10 to 11 started the partying.

This is the one that started it all – marathon birthday parties with friends over for the entire weekend. We were so nene and totoy so I will not post the photos up in fear people might unfriend me. It was hilarious coz we were at that age when boys hated girls and girls hated boys. I had boys in my party but they were doing their own thing on the computer while I had the girls in my room. Looking back, it was interesting that most of my parties after that had sleepovers and boys were allowed to sleep over, too. They were in a separate room, of course, but quite progressive of my parents. hahaha

3. “Bulwarks and Influences”

i’m turning 24. i’d love it if you could come and join me for an intimate gathering of 24 of my ‘influences’ and ‘bulwarks’ apart from my family. just my friends meeting my friends. that should promise to be, at the very least, an interesting evening. can you make it? 7.30pm, tuesday @ l’incontro december 6, 2005

My 24: a mix of grade school, high school, college and work friends

4. Breakfast Time at 18!

I’m so sad I don’t have any photos of this party. To think it was my 18th birthday party! I wasn’t really into the whole drama of a debut party so I had a breakfast thing instead. I absolutely love breakfast food. I think everyone remembers it, too, coz they had to be at my house at an ungodly hour! I made it worth their while though with a full spread of chorizo, corned beef, bangus, personalized omelets, pan de sal and my favorite, garlic fried rice with cheese. The cheese melts in the heat and the rice sticks all around it making little balls of rice cheese. Delicious!

5. All-Dessert Party!

I served nothing but desserts! I looked for all the best cakes I could in the Metro. The guests came forewarned but I thought some would still need to have a proper dinner so I had a little table of cold cuts and pasta for the super hungry. Everyone kept saying I was sending them off the diabetes-zone. But I did have sugar-free little cakes for those who had to watch their figure.

The table spread of diabetes
So Yummy, So Happy!

I didn’t included my 30th because it’s on an entirely different level of happiness hahahaha. 30th is here.