I must be the corniest fiance in the whole wide world

So it’s finally January and our official wedding planning begins this week. I’ve been snowballing ideas and bought a couple of wedding magazines to look for creative inspiration and whatnot. But this whole thing is very difficult for me. It’s not the event planning. Once a upon a time, mounting events was part of my job description. It’s very difficult for me because I am not one of those girls who dreamt about their wedding when they were little girls. I don’t have an opinion about too many things. I don’t care much about how my gown will look like or my bouquet. I’m even flat out refusing cheesy couple shots. All I know is that I want laughter, good conversation and dancing. I want the place to smell good and the food to be good. I want to be surrounded by family and friends and for them to also have an awesome time celebrating love all around.

Most of all, all I want is just to be married to Andrew. I’m so tempted to just skip all the frivolous icing and get to the real important things. I’m thisclosetoaskingandrewtoelope.