I have my first furniture!

Over the long weekend, my mom asked me to drive her to Tagaytay. Now, she very rarely asks any favors so when she does, I have to give in. I scrapped everything we planned for the day and went off to the hills. She was in search of new wooden furniture and while she was basically buy the entire inventory of the store, I spotted this nice black piece that I suddenly had to have. It’s made of ironwood, locally known as kamagong or mabolo tree and can only be found in the Philippines.

So pretty! I have the perfect spot for it in mind!!

It’s extremely dense and heavy and virtually unbreakable! And it was delivered while I was in Hong Kong!

Wrapped and sealed for storage while waiting for its final home!

I can eat on it, cook on it, entertain on it, decorate the house with it. I can even sleep on it! I don’t need to buy any other furniture! hahaha But seriously, I’m happy I already have a tiny sketch of how I want my house to look like so I can zoom in on key pieces that I can slowly purchase while waiting for my unit to be turned over.