Postcard Series #14: Hong Kong

Many people travel to Hong Kong to shop. There’s so many night markets but I’m not a fan of all the shouting, shaking of heads, punching on calculators and haggling. It just stresses me out. What I do love about Hong kong is its modern transport system, yummy dim sum and access to so many cheap thrills.

1. Check out the National Museum of History
I absolutely love this museum. It’s very interactive, unpretentious and awesome for those who love posing and having their photos taken — in other words, all the Filipinos! hahaha But it’s a really good spot to get to know Hong Kong’s story. I think it’s important to get to know a country’s heritage when you visit it. I especially love this museum on Wednesdays when the entrance is for free! Right next door is the National Museum of Art, also a wonderful place to visit.

Hong Kong National Museum of History

2. Take Bus #7 to Victoria Peak & Bus #6 to Stanley Bay via Repulse Bay
It’s a bit tricky taking buses in a foreign country, but remember these two numbers and you’ll find yourself in two very nice areas on Hong Kong Island. Don’t ever take a tour just to go to these spots.

View of HK from Victoria Peak
Market on Stanley

3. Watch the Symphony of Lights
At 8pm every night, along both sides of the Victoria Harbour, the Hong Kong skyline lights up with accompanying music. The show lasts for about 30 minutes and while some find it overrated, I think it’s still a fun thing to see. If you’re on Kowloon side, make sure to check out 1881 Heritage building right after the show. It’s just prettier to see at night. It used to be the headquarters of the Marine Police and was converted into a shopping mall.

The Hong Kong skyline
Pretty 1881 Heritage Building

4. Try the Street Food!!
There are so many interesting things to taste. Some are visually appetizing and some are, uhm, not very. It gets even more yummy when you see the vendors serve you food with the same hand they received your money with hahaha I especially love their breakfast noodle served with peanut and soy sauce and topped with sesame seed.

Happy street food! Totally unhealthy, but I hear it's yummy!