Epic Davao Getaway

Over the weekend, I had an awesome awesome time going around Davao. I made the trip with a few people from our Manila office to attend the 10th year anniversary of our operations in Davao. It’s extra special because it also marks my brother’s 10th year with the company. He was the one who started our Davao office, our very first branch. Today, we have about 20 offices nationwide. God has been awesome!

It’s amazing what we were able to squeeze in just three days. Want to commune with nature and animals? Visit Davao. Care for extreme sports? Head to Davao. Want to comatose on fresh seafood and fruits at a ridiculously cheap price? Come to Davao! Looking to sight see beautiful people? Davao, Davao, Davao!

Here’s the highlight of our trip! BROWN water rafting! hahaha Check out the first boat! There are more rapids here in Davao than the one in Cagayan de Oro. The rocks are much bigger so it was actually a bit scary to fall since you can really hit your legs on the rocks.

Beautiful Davao
Time for some zip line adventure!
What's a visit to Davao without eating durian?
Communing with the crocs
To the batcaves! The home of the largest fruit-eating bats colony in the world.
Butterfly Farm!
One of the better fire dance shows I've seen
Care for some durian halo halo?! No? Then choose your own toppings!

Check out this site for information how to do these things too when you’re in DAVAO!