Manila Ocean Park

Three years after it opened, I was finally able to visit Manila Ocean Park. It’s taken me this long because the truth is, I’m not a big fan of aquariums. But this one right in the heart of downtown Manila was absolutely fun! It’s not very big, but I liked its compactness. I think it also helped that I went with a very different perspective than I normally have when I go to aquariums. You see, I have to deal with packaging design a lot at work and I was actually looking for creative inspiration. Coming from that point of view, I was stark raving mad with my brains totally blown away at each window. I was absolutely amazed at the packaging God made for each and every fish that I saw. And to think I’m only looking at a tiny tiny tiny gallery of this specie. The color combinations! The forms/shapes! The elements! The balance! The cohesiveness! The varied looks/moods! I was super in awe.

Arapaima from Amazon River, big daddy who made my jaw drop and set my happy mood!
Cute cute, adorable boxer fishes!
Look at the details of those designs!
Absolutely fierce!

And here’s the cutest little fish ever playing with his new friend!