to adventoores and beyond!

My parents have always put a premium on traveling. Well, okay, travel and food. hahaha And like many Filipinos, my first international trip was to Hong Kong. I had just turned six and it actually didn’t go over too well. I was a rather magulo kid and tended to break things. Actually, now that I think about it, I broke a lot of glass on several different occasions, but that’s for another post. So anyway, at one of the many flea markets in HK, I knocked over a glass figurine and the Chinese vendor started screaming at me. I really thought I was going to jail for it, I was so scared. Somehow my Mom managed to stay calm thru it all while briskly pushing me out of the market. The next day, another near-mishap! We had gone by the docks to ride a sampan boat and I was so excited I almost rode the wrong one that would’ve taken me alone and away from my family. Hay nako, what a di-sas-ter child talaga!

Fast-forward to ten thousand decades and here’s the before-30 travel adventures I’ve gathered so far!

What a big big world we have!

Hayay, so many many more countries to visit! I have a couple more trips to make before the year is over, but most of them are second and third return trips so nothing new will light up on my map. Awww, sad face. But it IS nice to be able to go back to the same country several times. I become more at home and at ease and able to see the other bits that most tourists don’t get to visit.

My dad always says travel is the best thing you can do to stay humble and grounded while gaining confidence at the same time. It opens up your mind to what is possible and widens your perspective about many things in life. One of my personal favorite aspects about travel is the amount of alone time you get especially while you’re in transit. You get to hear yourself breathe, you get to mull over thoughts, you get to know yourself a bit more. So here now is my money-spending guideline: DON’T SPEND ON MERE THINGS. SPEND ON EXPERIENCES.

Having said all that, if you ask me where I really really wanna travel to splurge and spend my hypothetical gazillion moolah on, I would say it’s at a spot down south called San Benito Farm. No, I’m not a druggie in need of a rehab, but I think this is my definition of awesome (and healthy) indulgence.

All photos are from their website.

My dream destination is just down south of the metro, San Benito Farm