Oh my, huwattapie!

Ever since I tasted the pies from the Pie Maker in Edinburgh, I’ve been carrying with me a craving for awesome pies. I can’t believe I didn’t take a photo of those to-die-for pies but I think my brain melted at the awesomeness of those pockets of heaven so I’m giving myself a break.

Here’s a photo of the Pie Maker frontage in case you stop by Scotland. You absolutely have to try them. The shop is famous, I think, but I just happily stumbled upon it. You can’t miss it with the absolutely yummy smell the store oozes out along the South Bridge.

Photo from Local Data Search on http://www.localdatasearch.com

A couple of months after my trip to Edinburgh, I saw some promising pies in Melbourne and dragged my entire family to try them.

The Pie Face in Melbourne, Australia

My hunt for yummy pies has continued on so I was soo happy when I learned about Tina’s Pie Shop at Rockwell’s Ultimate Taste Test. To-die-for-tooooo. And again, I wasn’t able to take photos so here’s a few from their FB page and couple more credited to foodhealthreviews.blogspot.com.

Prawns In Aligue Tarts and Shiitake With Swiss Gruyere Tart

After tasting a tiny tiny morsel, I grabbed their contact details and asked where else they sell. Sadly, they’re resuming their stall in Mercato in November pa! Thankfully though, they’ll be joining Soderno market in Alabang so they’ll be so near. My family is in for a treat!!

Uhm, on second thought, I’m actually afraid awesome pies are available so nearby now. Diet = kaput! Check out their FB page for more info.