Lessons from the Kitchen

My world has been sucked into Hell’s Kitchen the past couple of days. I cannot stop watching it and I’m happy to say it hasn’t been a complete waste of time.

Top 4 Things I Learned about Life By Watching HK

1. Getting humiliated will not be the end of your life
Watching Gordon Ramsey scream out, it’s raaaaaw!!!! is super entertaining. But if I put myself in the shoes of the chefs, I’m sure my ego will be badly bruised because Ramsey can get pretty harsh. But I like how Ramsey always shouts again, fight back! Don’t sulk! Fight back!
Lesson 1: Getting bruised is inevitable. Learn from the mistake and always FIGHT BACK!

2. “Drive that order”
When two chefs are assigned to one station, one person was expected to be the driver of the order. If his/her partner is messing things up, the other person should step in and make things work to get the dish out of the kitchen.
Lesson 2: Regardless of the situation: A leader is always needed.

3. Communicate!
The different stations need to work in sync to get one order out all together so it was vital to make sure everyone knew where everyone else was in their cooking. This seemed to be a no-brainer but it was amazing to watch how many of the chefs couldn’t communicate.
Lesson 3: You cannot alienate and bottle things in if you want to make relationships work.

4. Drama, drama, drama
The human stories are pretty funny. There’s always a crazy person everyone is pissed at and wants to kick out. It’s been interesting to watch how these “hated” characters just shrug things off and insist they deserve to stay. This is so counter culture to my roots where popularity can count more than abilities. Sometimes we give up on our dreams because we’re told we’re not good enough.
Lesson 4: Believe in yourself and have an honest understanding of your skills, independent of other people’s opinions.

I’ve been catching the show on youTube. Check it out! But be warned, you might get sucked in, too!!