And just like that, it’s mid-August already.

I recently told someone who had just turned 18 to maximize every minute of her life, to not waste opportunities to grow and live out everything God had planned for her. I shared with her that the world will often tempt us with impressive counterfeits and she needs to watch out for those. I told her that life is short and fast and the next thing you know, you’ll be 30.

Life reads even shorter when you follow it thru blogposts.

I stumbled on the story of Sofia Ysabel today and I couldn’t help the tears. I was shocked by the suddenness of the story and that when I looked at the dates, it hadn’t happened too long ago.

They’re doing a run for her to help the parents cover the cost of the hospital bills.

To see 1000 strangers, families and friends, come together and run for a baby — I’m sure it would somehow help soothe the pain a tiny bit. For more details, vist: