Back before everything was online, people used to make a living selling books house to house. I know this because my Mom was a major big time customer of these encyclopedia-wheeling sales people.

We had shelves full of Disney’s Wonderful World of Knowledge, Brittanicca’s encyclopedia and Readers Digests’ art series that were anything but digested – it was a complete volume of all the famous artists around the world with each book dedicated to funny names like Vermeer, Rembrandt, Degas, Chagall. I used to drive my mom crazy coz I’d get my crayon and draw on them. What else could I do? I couldn’t read yet! I do remember tracing my fingers on paragraphs and paragraphs of text and thinking to myself, “one day, I’ll understand you.” NERD!! hahaha

Encarta what???

Back in 2005, when I was still on blogspot, I wrote how I loved bookstores and how they’re like cerebral airports with an adventure waiting to happen at each opening of a book. But some of my favorite books are still the ones I found laying around the house: Rand, Clavell, Ludlum, Sheldon. The best part was getting to know these authors FOR FREE hahaha There’s really something lovely about growing up with books all around. But with technology coming in and with digital books becoming more popular, I wonder the fate of the paper-reading world. Kindle tries to duplicate the look of real paper, but for me, books smell a certain way that I like and it holds friendlier than a hard case.

I’m still not 100% liking the updated phrase, “curling up with a Kindle.”