Pahiyas 2011

Rice, vegetables, fruits for decorations!

One of the prettiest fiestas we have is the Pahiyas Festival celebrated in Lucban, Quezon every May 15. I was really really wanting to check it out when the year started so I was literally jumping up and down when I realized May 15 this year was a Sunday. With my work schedule, I really only have Sundays free to do any weekend trips.

Quezon is about 2.5 hours from where we live so we set out like eager beavers at 3:30AM! Traffic and parking gets a bit insane so it turned out a good idea that we were early. The families who lived along the route of the parade were the ones who had to decorate their homes. With years of practice, their artwork is quite brilliant and surprising.

Pancit Habhab!

Filipino fiestas revolve around celebrating and thanking their patron saints for a good harvest season either for their grain, crops or fish. I hope one day, they’ll realize to thank God instead.