Postcard Series #11: Italia!!

The first time I visited Europe, it was on a whirlwind tour that brought us around 8 countries in 3 weeks. It was a good tour, I thought, an overview of Europe to see which countries you’d like to go back to and explore for a bit longer. And typical of European tours, you end up seeing the most cities of Italy. In our case, we went to Rome (and the Vatican), Venice and Florence.

This last trip we took, we got to see a few more: Lucca, Pisa, Milan and a second trip to Rome and the Vatican City. And unlike bus tours, we managed to travel to these cities in interesting ways. We were driven down to Lucca by an Italian and Greek men, took a cab to Pisa, flew to Milan and took the train to Rome! If that’s not a bit of an adventure, I don’t know what is!! haha

Nakaka-Lucca sa Pisa!
The Modern and Eternal Cities of Italy: Milan & Rome