Postcard Series #9: bonjour, Nice!

French Riviera!

I’ve been reading that one of the main attractions of Nice is the weather: it’s sunny for 300 days a year.

Yesterday was our first full day in Nice and disappointingly, it was raining.

Before the rain came, we managed to have a full morning’s adventure around the Old Town. It was a Sunday morning and everything was quiet, with most shops opening later in the afternoon. We strolled through Place Massena, the heart of Nice, which was just a few steps from our hotel. We followed the smell of the ocean and found our way to the Promenade des Anglais, along the coast of Nice and there were a few joggers, roller bladders — and tourists, like ourselves. It was chilly so we were surprised to see a small group of elderly people undressing to their bathing suits and taking a plunge into the waters. The waters must’ve been freezing.

We headed to Cours Saleya where our senses were surprisingly but wonderfully assaulted by the scrumptious sweet smell of strawberries and freshly baked bread mingling with the fragrant fresh flowers as people chattered animatedly in french. It’s a weekend market with stalls of all sorts of lovely things – olives, bell peppers, choice meats, flowers, pastries, random trinkets.

Gorgeous flowers at Cours Saleya
Fresh produce + fresh flowers = fragrant weekend market

From the busy market, we continued to walk along the cobbled streets, looking at the gorgeous Baroque buildings until we saw the Castle Hill beckoning above us. We climbed up on foot and were rewarded by an amazing view of city.

View of Nice from the Castle Hill

It started to rain just as we were heading out for Monaco and the city was harder to appreciate because of it but we visited the medieval town of Eze and toured a perfumery called Fragonard before finding our way to the princes’ palaces and the famous Monte Carlo casino.

Monte Carlo!

Instead of feeling miserable about the weather, I’m sort of glad I have a good reason to come back and visit Monaco again — when it’s properly summertime.