Today I flew to Legazpi

Mt. Mayon Volcano: Perfectly Cone-shaped

I came with no hotel reservations, a very rough itinerary and a hang-over kilig from being on the same plane as Gary V, a local music artist who dominated the entertainment scene when I was a kid. To say I came ill-prepared would be justified, but in the back of my head, I knew I had brought with me something far more important: an agenda. I had an agenda to actually LIKE Region V.

This will be my third trip since the year started and during every visit, I had always been a bit uneasy with its vibe. Its the same unease one feels with a stranger; the same awkward, short conversation you have with someone you apparently have to like for no reason other than because you are cousins.

It couldn’t have anything to do with the people, because they are generally very nice and hardworking.

It couldn’t have anything to do with the sights, because Mt Mayon is an amazing vision and there are many other really exciting adventures one can enjoy here: Camsur, Sorsogon, Misibis.

It couldn’t have anything to do with the food because my favorite things are actually from here: laing, bicol express, things drenched in coconut milk.

It has always been curious for me why I can’t shake the feeling of wanting to go home the minute I get to Bicol. Until I smelt their water. Go visit and find out what I mean.