in pursuit

“If we knew the future, it wouldn’t matter if we lived or not,” declared my Greek tour guide, Maria.

We were on a week-long tour around the main cities of Greece and Maria had been telling us about the ridiculous ancient tradition the Greeks had of seeking guidance from the Oracle of Delphi in the temple of Apollo. The Delphic oracle became so important, the Greeks would not undertake any major endeavor without first seeking the advice of the Pythia.

I remember the scoffing manner in which Maria spewed this little nugget of opinion. It was a rare moment that she stepped out of her role as a tour guide and sparkled with a bit of emotion.

To this day, two years later, I still ponder over my opinion on the matter.

The Bible illustrates so many times that our future is never independent from our will. God Himself has declared our future, He has painted its picture so many times and yet because of our free will, we still manage to fail to take a hold of all that has been wonderfully laid out for us.

Life would be so much easier if we were just robots programed to live the abundant life. But where is the meaning in that? Perhaps this is why we love the drama of the battle, the overcoming, so much. No other kind of story arrests our attention so strongly. In the heat of our battle, we find our true selves by the choices we make. And we are defined by the choices we make, aren’t we? Because the choices we make determine our destiny.