Postcard Series #6: Hu for the 4th time

Shanghai is a city quite mad about lights, a place where the sky never turns completely dark. Instead it appears smoky red as if somewhere in the city, a building is burning. But, it’s just the urban lights that are on fire. I made time to finally visit the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall and despite it’s uninspiring name, it’s really quite a must to see and get a better grasp of the fascinating and beautiful city. The most impressive things to study are their methods for mobilizing a gazillion people into an even more modern nation. Who would’ve thought this city was once a simple fishing village? It’s other name, “hu”, is a reference to that historical fact.

They still have to work on their English accent, though. I was quite taken aback by the museum audio guide talking about “whores”. I was looking around trying to figure out what they were trying to say. It was only when I reached the 3rd floor that I realized the recording was trying to say “halls” as in “exhibition halls”.

China and Pakistan Pavillions at the World Expo 2010

The World Expo is the real reason for my visit and it makes so much sense for Shanghai to host the event. It was the perfect venue to showcase their genius in construction. Because if the Shanghainese are mad about lights, then they are crazy insane for architecture and construction. On my first day at the Expo, I made sure I saw most, if not all the pavilions from A-D because even if I didn’t see the insides of the pavilions, the exterior structures by themselves were awe-inspiring. The second day I visited, I popped by late afternoon til closing hours to see the pavilions all lit up. Aamayzing.

Cheers to Dakila for meeting me at Nanjing Lu and bringing me to Taikang Lu - a gem of a spot to hang at the French concession.