snapshots of things i love love love

I float on the clear blue waters as the sun gives its final cute lil bow for the day. The wind brings to me the scent of freshly cut grass. Here, my world is silent and calm and I think on the wonder and kindness of God.

I stumble after Kuya onto the beach and flop beside him on the bamboo divan to stare at the stars, in all its winking flirting glory. And we share the silence in between the beeps of our celfones.

I walk with Mom down to the beach and she stops abruptly to excitedly show me their ‘natural’ toothpick, the amor seco. She gently tears the stem from the ground and gaily laughs as she demonstrates how it works.

I drag Kuya up the clubhouse to drink freshly picked coconuts with me. With the private beach as our view and the wind soothingly brushing our hair, we talk.

We sit relaxed inside our villa, chatting about the recent trip Mom and Dad made to Spain and Portugal. Mom tries to cajole me into eating the freshly baked fish with her. With a wink she tells me it’s the delicacy of Portugal, but the ones found in the Philippine waters are actually tastier. She tries and tries for a whole ten minutes in between tearing the fish apart and delicately placing it inside her mouth. Outside, the fiery-orange firetree catches my eye and waves from afar. Care for some fish?, I whisper to it.

Dad calls me from the middle of the ocean. I swim to him and snuggle in the space between him and Mom. I lean on Dad and float.

Dear God, stop stop. You’re making my heart so full of happiness, I fear it will burst. (But don’t stop, really.) I just want to thank you, deeply thank you.