Postcard Series #5: Skies

"Spot the Care Bears!"

I can still remember my wonder and glee the very first time I saw our plane enter a cloud. I was around 6 and it was a small jet we rode from Manila to Bataan — the kind that was very hot and noisy, but the three of us siblings were ecstatic. Our eyes were as round as saucer plates. I started screaming, “We’re inside a cloud, we’re inside a cloud!” I couldn’t understand why the adults were just politely smiling. We were inside a cloud! I kept craning my neck in the hopes to see one of the Care Bears jumping up and down or sliding on one of the clouds. Oooh, maybe Tenderheart Bear is right there playing with Good Luck Bear! Oooh, the chances, the chances!

These days, I have to remind myself to be thankful for the many opportunities I have to travel. With the constancy of it taking its wearying toll on me, I forget the wonder and glee I should have for these adventures. But I really can’t take it for granted. I’m inside a cloud!