Postcard Series #4: Amsterdam

I treat Amsterdam very poorly these past two years I’ve visited it. Both times I loitered around its very pretty cobbled-stone streets at the last leg of my trip when I couldn’t think of anything else but being back home in Manila.

I’d zombie-through their wonderful museums, lost in thought about the very first things I’ll be rushing to do the moment my feet touches NAIA. And this time, I had the excuse of doing some serious conference work during the day to skip its sunny days and the excuse of catching up with work and hide inside my hotel from its very happening night life (in reality, I was probably spending more time staring at Facebook as if waiting for it to come alive).

So like the first time, I leave Amsterdam feeling a little mean for not giving it a better fighting chance to make me fall in love with it instead of treating it like a necessary evil to get to other more-loved destinations. But I can’t help it — I keep skipping around at the thought of home already.