September 1, 2009: RIP Alexis Tioseco

No matter how much I smile, the sternness of my natural expression usually intimidates the hell out of people. I know this because most of my friends tell me this about our first meet. Masungit, mataray, bitchy, masyadong matalino. Hay nako.

It has its filtering benefits. But unlike Amazon, I don’t think I’ve mastered the proper logarithms and derivatives.

I’m grateful, though, that it didn’t filter out one Alexis Tioseco. He left this world all too soon, but the shortness of his life did no way lessen his impact on an entire industry. He was a true influence. He did for me what I hope I will always do for the rest of my life for other people: change paradigms. He did this through the films he shared/insisted I watched, the random mp3s he would email out, the intense conversations we had about his passions; but, most of all, he influenced by being who he was.

Thank you, Eggy. I was going to have one more argument with you, darnit. Do you know that my first ever blog entry in this cyberspace was about you?

Laugh with life, Lei! Laugh with life!

It was a surreal morning, surreal because of its beauty.
I laughed with a friend, realizing how wonderful it is to be alive.

I wrote this on Tripod back when that space was still cool and we had to know html codes to make edgy-looking posts. We were impressionable college students then in 2001, almost to the day I write this, 8 years later. We miss you, dear.

– Ms. Sio.