The front page headlines newspapers have been running these past weeks have been nothing but dramatic: “World Markets Crash”, “US Economy Collapses”. News of typhoon, hurricanes and earthquakes shaking up major cities resulting to death tolls by the thousands are commonplace. Images of hungry children with flies buzzing around them are run parallel to businesses slowing down as the economic crises is affecting all aspects of life while those that remain in the playing field are scrambling to get their environmental programs in place.

I see these ultracool music videos paint the future with humans clad in space suits complete with cables to intravenously eat liquified food and my forehead is in knots. The implications of those images are just horrendous.

But while all of this is going on and the reality of it does not escape me, I am weirdly in a cocoon of a world that revolves around nothing but tissue products, the gym, church, family and friends. I suppose this is what happens when God is the ultimate source of your strength and protection. There is a shield that is cast over your life and all is well, regardless of everything else that’s going on.