the before-thirty activities

My friends and I used to keep talking about all the things we had to do before we reached the big 3-0. I vaguely recall talks of bungee jumping, sky diving, and other crazy things our parents were sure to ban us from doing and will probably have a heart attack learning about. It had a lot to do with celebrating the wonder of being human – of feeling the sweat on your back, the sun on your face and the earth in your hands. I hope kids still dream of these things, but in this virtual reality-obsessed nation our world has become, I’m sadly not sure if they like dirt at all.

I only have three years and a couple of months left to do my before-thirty activities. Don’t tell Mom but I do plan on doing those insane New Zealand adventures and traveling through Africa. But I’m realizing that seizing life is in the everyday. The most meaningful of experiences cost nothing but the willingness to let it happen to you.